Courses/Price List

Open Enrollment Training

TNEC Open Enrollment Training is offered monthly at our training center based at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  For additional course offerings, or for information about customized training held at your own facility click here for complete details.

Course Public Sector Private Sector
(101) 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Basic Health & Safety Training $600 $650
(303) 24-Hour Emergency ResponderBasic Health and Safety Training $400 $450
(102) 8-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Refresher Training $170 $195
(301) 8-Hour Emergency ResponderRefresher Training $170 $195
(905) OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health $195 $195
(104) 8-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Supervisor $170 $195